What's Inside?

Inside a Horse Shoe Box, you may find gift items for horse lovers, horseback riders, and horse owners. You can specify which type of gift items you would like, or we will surprise you!

Horse Lover Gift Items

 Get awesome gifts for the horse lover in you, including horse books, jewelry, art, and even decor! 



Equine Gifts

For horse owners, each box will have gifts for your horse, including treats and horse equipment, such as grooming tools, leg wraps, sprays, etc.  


Equestrian Gifts

For the riders of Horse Shoe Box, you will receive awesome items for horseback riding and being out at the barn, such as hair products, gloves, riding apparel, etc.  


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 ​​Bringing a little bit of the equine experience to you, Horse Shoe Box carefully handpicks items from various equine and equestrian companies worldwide to give you the best and the latest products in the industry.

Check out some of our amazing sponsors with their wonderful products and services offered in some of the boxes. 

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How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Choose the size of  box you want, whether you want a customized or a generic box, and the frequency you want to pay.  

2. We build your box

We put your box together with great products from our sponsors. If you chose to get a customized box, we get you to fill out a questionnaire through email before building your box.  

3. Enjoy monthly horse goodies

Get great horse-related products delivered to your door each month.  

Examples of Horse Shoe Boxes

What's Inside

  • -Scarf
  • -Groomi
    -Dapple Up Shampoo & Sponge
    -Resolve Spray
    -Epona Socks
  • -Horse Head Curry Comb
    -Mane & Tail Brush
    -Pink Lollipop

What's Inside 

  • -Epona Tiger's Tongue
  • -Epona Hair Ties
  • -Tail Bag
  • -Little Ponies Book
  • -Epona Socks
  • -Horse Comb
  • -Mane & Tail Brush
  • ​-Purple Lollipop

What's Inside

  • -Epona Cloud Finishing Cloth
  • -Groomi
  • -Epona Wooden Hoof Pick
  • -Epona Curry Comb
  • -Para-Kito Bug Repellent Roll-On
  • -Fly Spray


What's Inside

  • -Scarf
  • -Horse Book
  • -Personalized Polo Wraps
  • -Horse Treats
  • -Necklace
  • -Green Lollipop


What's Inside

  • -Horse Tote Bag
  • -Cowboy Boot Jewelry
  • -Groomi
  • -Epona Wooden Hoof Pick
  • -Epona Curry Comb
  • -Horse Phone Wallet
  • ​-Epona Tiger's Tongue
  • ​-Seminole Wellness Horse Treats


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