Carefully Selected Subscription Box Items

For Equestrians and Their Equine Companions 

Horse Shoe Box keeps the interests of horse lovers worldwide in mind whenever we pick items for our subscription boxes. Dedicated to providing quality gifts to our members, we work with reputable equine and equestrian companies. Our membership offers you the thrill to be one of the first to experience an exciting journey receiving these amazing goodies first-hand. 


 Partnering With Equine Companies Worldwide 

We are proud to be working alongside and forming solid sponsorships with these stellar up-and-coming equine and equestrian companies, enabling us to introduce you to them and some of their unique and innovative products and services. It’s a brilliant way for these companies to test out their new products and services before they are introduced to international retail stores, local tack shops, and to the public market. 


Our Sponsors


Bangle On sells jewelry for all kinds of styles and preferences. They have beautiful bracelets that can be shipped out each month!

Melville Candy

 Melville Candy Company is a family owned, third generation confectionery company located in Randolph, Massachusetts. Using a family recipe perfected by Grandpa Melville over 75 years ago, we produce gourmet hard candy lollipops and chocolate treats. Opened in 1978 by father and son duo, Gary and Joe Melville, we proudly continue the Melville family tradition of creating custom confections to delight the masses. Each product we produce is hand-made, packed and inspected in the USA to ensure they are of the highest quality. Explore our extensive selection which includes Gourmet Flavor Lollipops embedded with a variety of specialty ingredients, Honey Spoons made with real honey in each batch, as well as extensive seasonal & trendy collections. We strive to create unique confections that make wonderful gifts. Take a trip down memory lane as you view our candies, sure to delight young and old alike!

Red Barn Botanicals

Red Barn Botanicals strives to offer only the best. They use only the best certified organic ingredients when crafting their products.  There are absolutely NO pre-made bases. They measure, test, sample and hand pour each and every one of their products. All of the containers and tins they use are re-usable and recyclable. They are Earth Conscious, in that they recycle at their home, and compost paper and card board materials. They are homesteaders, practicing organic gardening and farming. They shop local to support our farmers. They are a husband and wife team, guiding and supporting each other in their endeavor.  

Nickerdoodles Horse Treats

 Family owned and operated by three generations of the Berly family, horse enthusiasts and owners of Starberry Acres - a premiere equine boarding, breeding and training facility. Active involvement in the show circuit allows us to maintain a strong connection to the equestrian community, frequenting horse shows alongside our friends, family and happy customers. 

The Pokey Pixie

The Pokey Pixie  is a small shop that makes handcrafted leather, macramé, and bead woven jewelry.  They incorporate their love of animals and nature all in one! New items are posted weekly on their Esty account! Their products are customizable to your own style and there are many different design options. 


Epona Ltd. is a small California company that creates innovative natural grooming products for equines and the people who love them. Founded in 1992, Epona was born from a passion for horses, and all that makes them happier, healthier, and simpler to enjoy. 

Our entire product line has been designed and crafted with care and pride to enhance that special bond between horse and rider that keeps drawing us back to the barn. 

 Equine Safety Zone- Resolve 

RESOLVE is a fast acting anti-microbial spray for equine bacterial and fungal skin and hoof disorders that works in a wet environment. It has been originally tested and approved by the Surgeon General for use by all branches of the armed services as an anti-microbial spray and awarded a federal contract as a Department of Defense antimicrobial. It is the strongest and safest product available for the bacterial and fungal equine skin disorders such as scratches, mud-rash, rain rot, thrush, ringworm and other skin irritations such as insect bites and itchy tails. 

Three Doors Beauty

 Three Doors Beauty is proud to be the sole Barex Italiana importer in the United States. They have great products for both you and your horse's hair, including Argan Oils and Shampoos. Barex Italiana's carefully sourced and harvested botanical ingredients often meet the strictest organic certifications possible. The scents have all been painstakingly chosen to give you a visceral journey through the worlds they came from. This is the culmination of the fruit of our labor, and are our gift of knowledge and luxury from Italy with love to you. 

Groomi Tool UK

'Groomi Limited is a family run business based in the UK. We manufacture in York, UK using the highest quality materials to ensure your Groomi is built to last! The Groomi is designed to remove dead hair and dirt from your Horses, Dogs & Cats by gently pulling through the layers of fur bringing loose hair to the surface to be swept away easily. Proven to reduce shedding when used regularly your pets will feel less irritated and have a healthier coat- leading to happier pets!

Our bespoke blade is removeable for added safety and can also be replaced when worn. The new blades are replaced using the quick release screw on the front and without the need for tools! You simply use the end of the new blade to undo the screw and just slide the new one in! Easy!

Bits N' Pieces

 'Bits n' Pieces is a small business based in Alberta, Canada that provides quality handmade equine tail bags. We handmade our vibrant, amazingly stitched tail bags for your horses! We believe in quality products that have a true purpose. Our tail bags are made with love to help keep tails clean, help with tail growth and to prevent your horse from pulling their tails out. Tail bags are great for prepping for shows, barrel races, lessons, schooling hour horse, absolutely anything and especially great for those cold snowy winter months!'

 Rodan + Fields Dermatologist- Ashley Nash  

Ashley grew up in the eventing world and showing in H/J, sport horse, endurance, and the Arabian A circuit along with fox hunting. She holds a Doctor of Public Health degree and works for the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia. "I know from participating so much in my horsey activities that my skin suffers from being outside. All of those long days in the sun is terrible for our skin! I am proud to represent Rodan+Fields Dermatologists. They have created uniquely effective skincare products that deliver on what they promise. I believe that using Rodan+Fields is as close as you can come to visiting a dermatologist without an appointment!

Rodan+Fields can truly transform your skin. I have personally witnessed the difference these products have made on people's skin and their lives. Along with Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields I am committed to exceeding your expectations and always here to help. 

Please visit my website for more information on Rodan+Fields products, and take the skin care test!

 Young Living Essential Oils- Kari 

Kari is a Registered Veterinary Technician and has worked with small animals for over 30 years. 'I try whenever possible to use natural products for health, beauty and nutrition. Essential oils is one of the ways my family tries to fulfill this. I have done a large amount of research on essential oils and discovered I was lucky enough to attend a class and purchase a kit from the top company. Young Living Essential Oils are pure and medical grade. They are third party tested always to insure this. Young Living is the only company to offer the Seed to Seal promise. 

Please contact Kari to purchase any additional oils that you may want. Check out our blog for a more detailed bio.

 Dapple Up 

Dapple Up Shampoo uses essential plant oils, aloe vera, and natural surfactants to create a great shampoo that you can use to leave your horse's coat shiny and healthier than ever. This shampoo does not contain any sodium lauryl sulfate or silicone, which can be harmful. Located out of KY, Katherine Wheeler hopes to raise awareness about the products that we use on our and our horse's bodies and how these products affect our bodies.  

 Soul Discovery on Horseback 

Custom personal retreats for women, couples, business teams and families! Horses are beautiful, strong and gentle animals. They are both prey and herd animals and offer an exquisite combination of sensory awareness and fulfillment. Horses have no agenda or no status. It makes no difference to the horse who you are. The horse only knows what it perceives from the client. They have an uncanny ability to 'know' and 'mirror' your truest feelings. Through the horse, clients have the opportunity to become more self-aware. Horses live in the 'present,' in the 'moment,' and are completely authentic. The benefits of a person of this day and age to spend time with the horse are endless. People are inside more often than out. Most people are not outside more than a few minutes a day! Spending time with nature outside with a horse automatically causes some people to feel more calm and at peace. 

Want to experience for yourself the transformation that can come about during a horse retreat? I invite you to contact me and I will share with you stories about how others have found the peace and tranquility they thought was lost for good. You too can find it again.

 Southern Cross Guest Ranch 

Southern Cross Guest Ranch is a premier year-round guest ranch, horse farm, and bed & breakfast conveniently nestled in Central Georgia's Historic Heartland and within an hour drive from Atlanta. Home to well over 150 quality Paint and Quarter Horses, the ranch is best known for its exceptional hands-on horseback riding program, personalized riding experience, and peaceful, comfortable setting. We welcome you to experience our delightful accommodations, exceptional cuisine, and southern hospitality. 

 Charlotte Detienne Photography 

Equine and country lifestyle photographer based in central Georgia. Specializing in equine and natural light portraiture, I treat each new project as a brand new opportunity to capture the unique relationship you have with your animals and their personalities by creating everlasting memories that you can keep for generations. I will guide you every step of the way from deciding on the style and theme of your shoot to creating beautiful heirloom wall art for you to enjoy in your home for many years. 

 Black Horse Trading Company 

Honesty, Respect. Integrity, Excellence. Built on solid traditions, our goal is to become your local farm supplier and a place to have fun. Come and visit a warm, friendly atmosphere where there's always a pot of coffee on the burner. Located in Taylorsville, GA, Black Horse has a variety of farming supply needs. 

 Para'kito USA 

When you buy PARA KITO, you buy freedom: the freedom to live your life free from mosquitoes. Our unique blend of essential oils, patented slow-release technology and super-smart product design have helped us become the global leader in mosquito production. Our products are now selling in more than 35 markets all over the world. 

 Stones to Wear 

Affordable jewelry for everyone to wear. Stones to Wear is a 8 year old family run business that makes awesome jewelry made from all sorts of stones.

 Hobby Farm 254 

A homestead situated on 12 acres with  a charming turn of the century farmhouse built in 1907. Close proximity to the Historic Georgetown Square and a short 45 minute drive to Austin. Future plans will in no doubt include horses, gardens, chickens, and visitors. Stay tuned!

 Envy Equine Products

 They are makers of Silk Serum detangler, shine enhancing coat polish, and essential oil skin mist for horses. Their products are all-natural. 

 Wildhorse Tack and Feed 

Located in Powder Springs, GA, Wildhorse is a great store that has products to meet your horse equipment, rider equipment, horse care, and horse feed needs. Be sure to check them out if you are in the area!

 Nicker Bait  

This great company has been in operation since 2009 creating baker quality cookies for horses. They are always fresh and 100% stood behind. They have a variety of tasty flavors that your horse is sure to love. 

 Sarah's Sweets Bakery 

Sarah's Sweets makes unique cookies and more in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from unicorn cookies to birthday cakes. 

Soopa Star Creations

Soopastar Creations specializes in custom engraved and personalized glass and metal products including wine glasses, beer mugs, whiskey decanters and more. 

Safe Riders Gear

Safe Riders Gear is a Vermont company created by a horseback rider that loves riding in woods and on often shade covered back roads. Our products have been tested for years on the back roads and in the woods of Vermont to create the best combinations of High Viz riding gear for the rider and the horse.  

Comfort Gut

Amazing testimonials for WindSucking reduction; Weight Gain & Condition; Behaviour Problems; as a calmer; Haylage Related Problems; Fussy Eaters & bloating 

Whimsicals Paperie

Whimsicals Paperie is a charming small business based in Centennial, Colorado that offers unique  paper goods created by owner and designer, Sarah Collins. Sarah’s products feature hand-drawn illustrations and encouraging words that bring joy, intentionality and thoughtfulness into everyday life. 

Real Southerned

Custom T-Shirts and Window Decals! Just ask- I can make it!

Kim Bracken- Animal Communicator

Animals are telepathic which means they speak through visual images, thoughts, feelings, and other sensations. As an animal communicator, Kim acts as the translator between you and your animal companion. Kim works solely from a picture of your animal and never has to be in their presence. When connecting spirit to spirit, distance is irrelevant which also allows Kim to connect to the animal whether they are in physical form or have passed away. 

Caroline Lusky- Animal Communication & Healing Touch

 We all communicate with our animals, but we might not realize how well they understand us.  Caroline Lusky is dedicated to helping animals mentally, physically, and emotionally through energy techniques, communication, and healing touch.  With Caroline's help you can access and improves your relationship with your pets. 

 Horsey Scents 

Great soaps for every horse lover with a variety of fun horsey scents. Whether going for a night out on town or coming back from a long ride to relax, Horsey Scents soap has the perfect scent for you. 


Olney Performance Horses

"Meet James and Stephanie Olney, owners and trainers at Olney Performance Horses. We are located in te beautiful Wenas Valley of Selah in Central Washington State. We offer horse training and specialize in colt starting and problem solving. We work with a wide range of breeds including Mustangs, Quarter Horses, Warmbloods, Appaloosa's and Arabian's, just to name a few. We enjoy completing in horse shows or just hanging out on the trails with friends. Our main discipline is Western, but we do occasionally have an English horse come through our training program. 

We currently train out of a lovely facility but we dream of one day owning our own beautiful ranch full of cattle and AQHA stock horses. We are always striving to become the best horseman we can be and doing what we can to help other reach their horsemanship goals as well!"

Find My Horses

"Find My Horses is a new website designed to help Horse Owners to find Horse Businesses that they need nearby.  Having all business listings from the same category and state together will be helpful when someone moves to a new state or when traveling across the United States with your horse(s).  Find My Horses wants everyone to be able to quickly pull up our site and find the horse service that is requested near your location.

It is our goal to also be a source of information for breed registries, clubs, organizations, rescues, tack, places to ride, etc.  We want to be the go-to place for anything horses.  Find My Horses has been adding pages and articles to our website that are useful to the horse owner.  If you find helpful information, you are more than welcome to submit it to for consideration for publication."