A monthly box capturing 
the complete equine experience.

The Horse Shoe Box is all about the love of horses. We want to bring the magical horse experience right to you. How wonderful is it to know that each and every month you are lucky enough to be waiting with anticipation for your customized Horse Shoe Box to arrive? You will be so excited when you discover all the goodies made just for you.

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It's all about the love  of horses!


Do you love horses?

​​Are you that little girl or boy who always wanted a pony or do you own one? Are you the adult that owns a horse or simply dreams of owning a horse one day? Do you love the smell of leather and hay? Do you love being around the barn and just watching horses graze?
​​​At Horse Shoe Box, you don't have to own a horse to enjoy the equestrian world. 

How Horse Shoe Box works

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Ready to treat you and your horse to an awesome monthly gift?
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What's inside of Horse Shoe Box

Horse Lover Gifts

Equine Gifts

For horse owners, each box will have gifts for your horse, including treats and horse equipment, such as grooming tools, leg wraps, sprays, etc. 
Get awesome gifts for the horse lover in you, including horse books, jewelry, art, and even decor!
Woman riding Horse Image

Equestrian Gifts

For the riders of Horse Shoe Box, you will receive awesome items for horseback riding and being out at the barn, such as hair products, gloves, riding apparel, etc. 

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​​Bringing a little bit of the equine experience to you, Horse Shoe Box carefully handpicks items from various equine and equestrian companies worldwide to give you the best and the latest products in the industry.

See below to check out some of our amazing sponsors with their wonderful products and services offered in some of the boxes. 

Take advantage of our subscription box today! If you have questions about our memberships or the equine subscription boxes we offer, please contact us.
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Horses & Horse Lovers Who Love Horse Shoe Box

Here are some of our Horse Shoe Box customers who love their boxes!

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Testimonials from our customers and their equine friends

"I have tried many different monthly horse boxes but this one is TRULY custom! I love that they take the extra time to find out about the rider and horse these goodies are for and it is not just the same thing everyone else gets every month. I have ordered 2 boxes so far and looking forward to more! Great variety, quality and excellent customer service!"
-Kristen P
"What a special box - filled with amazing items for me and my horses! From health care, to yummy treats, to "what to wear" and so much more. Thank you Horse Shoe Box!! I love it.."
-Susan Gill
Cross Country Horse Rider Image
"I loved this box! Can use absolutely everything in it. My horse and I will be very happy."
-Christian Gauldin
"Just received another great Horseshoe Box! I love these things  😍 there are so many goodies and horsey things for me and my horses! Thank you Horseshoe Box! Another very satisfied customer!  🙌 🙌"
-Ashley Nash
"I got my second Horse Shoe Box today I can't tell you enough how much I love receiving them, for all the horse lovers out there y'all need to order one of them even if you have a horse or just love them they are excellent its like Christmas because you never know what you are gonna get they are great and the staff is excellent. Thanks everyone at the Horse Shoe Box I already can't wait for the next one thank you miss Karine for everything."
-Johnna Churchwell

Check out this awesome Horse Shoe Box opening:

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-Flexible payment options
-Excellent equine products

-Customized unique rider and horse related gifts
-Monthly, seasonal, or one-time orders

  -Boxes shipped out 7-14 days
-Orders sent out the same day every month

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