​It's all about the love of horses!

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Capturing the Equine Experience
The Horse Shoe Box is all about the love of horses. We want to bring the magical horse experience right to you. How wonderful is it to know that each and every month you are lucky enough to be waiting with anticipation for your customized Horse Shoe Box to arrive? You will be so excited when you discover all the goodies made just for you.
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Do You Love Horses?
​​Are you that little girl or boy who always wanted a pony or do you own one? Are you the adult that owns a horse or simply dreams of owning a horse one day? Do you love the smell of leather and hay? Do you love being around the barn and just watching horses graze?
​​At Horse Shoe Box, you don't have to own a horse to enjoy the equestrian world. 
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​​Bringing a little bit of the equine experience to you, Horse Shoe Box carefully handpicks items from various equine and equestrian companies worldwide to give you the best and the latest products in the industry. Take advantage of our subscription box today! If you have questions about our memberships or the equine subscription boxes we offer, please contact us.
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-Reasonable prices
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-Orders sent out the same day every month

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